Cosmetic Surgery

Pre & Post Plastic Surgery Benefits

Plastic surgery clients will benefit from hyperbaric oxygen treatments regardless of whether their surgery is reconstructive or cosmetic. HBOT offers specific benefits for plastic surgery clients aid in their recovery process. HBOT treatments before and after surgery can shorten recovery time, allowing you to get back to normal life sooner.

  • HBOT is used successfully to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing by increasing oxygen delivery to the recovering tissues.
  • HBOT reduces edema, the swelling of tissues due to excess liquid.
  • As the inflammation and swelling reduce and the wound begins to heal, the amount of pain experienced will decrease.
  • HBOT promotes the production of collagen.
  • Helps the body form new blood vessels from the old ones. The process aids in quicker healing and recovery.
  • HBOT has an antibiotic effect. Infection control and can reduce the risk of infection significantly. Due to the higher levels of oxygen introduced at the cellular level.

How Many Hyperbaric Sessions Are Helpful for Cosmetic Surgery?

We suggest one hyperbaric session before your procedure, followed by five to ten treatments after surgery is recommended. But, always check with your physician and what they recommend for you.