I was nervous at first because of my claustrophobia; it was a breeze, very relaxing. Afterwards, I felt very rested. First time in a long time. Annette told me one hour in HBOT is the equivalent to four hours of sleep.
Claudia, Mesa, AZ

I was recommended to HBOT therapy by my doctor. I had a hair transplant procedure. I was amazed at my expedited healing.
Josh, Gilbert, AZ

I had a few hyperbaric sessions before my plastic surgery and after my plastic surgery and the results are amazing! – I am going to continue to go to Hyperbaric Med Spa. It has become a wellness visit for me now.
Peggy, Gilbert, AZ

I am a professional bodybuilder. I have been using HBOT therapy for years! Muscle recovery and overall wellness is insane!
Dan, Chandler, AZ

Nancy explained how HBOT allows a person to breathe highly concentrated oxygen while laying down in a pressurized chamber. This floods my tissues with beneficial oxygen, revitalizing my cells. My health benefits have been amazing!!!
Kelly, Gilbert, AZ

It was suggested by my doctor after my knee surgery to try HBOT. I looked all over and the only place in the East Valley was Hyperbaric Med Spa. After three treatments I feel so much better. Walking, running, and yoga have all resumed for me!
Sally, Mesa, AZ

Everyone was talking about hyperbaric oxygen treatments so of course I had to try myself. After three sessions in the chamber, I noticed that my allergies had settled down, I was getting compliments on my skin, I felt sharper mentally. I can only attribute all of it to HBOT therapy!
Michael, Gilbert, AZ


Cosmetic Surgery

Sports Injury, Concussions, & Recovery

Anti-Aging and Longevity

Brain Function Restoration

Hair Transplant & Restoration

Post Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 vaccination


Whether you have an existing condition or are looking to heal faster, hyperbaric oxygen can help your system detoxify, reduce inflammation, increase cell production, and improve circulation.

  • Increases neuronal energy metabolism in the brain

  • Can create sustained cognitive improvement

  • Wakes up sleeping (idling) brain cells that are metabolizing enough to stay alive but are not actively “firing”

  • Enhances the body’s ability to fight bacterial and viral infections

  • Deactivates toxins and poisons (e.g. side effects from some chemotherapy, spider bites, air pollution, etc.)

  • Enhances wound healing by stimulating the growth of new capillaries into the injured area

  • Creates an immediate aerobic state

  • Removes free radicals

  • Reduces tissue swelling

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory

Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking.